May LightSlinger Heroes Login Rewards

Here are the LightSlinger Heroes login rewards for May 2018. Don’t forget that VIP members get 2x the rewards! LightSlinger Heroes May 2018 Login Rewards

[How-To] Star-Up / Power-up a Hero

How to power up a hero in the LightSlinger Heroes mobile game by using the Star-Up system. First, tap a Hero to Star-Up. Next, tap “Info”. Next, tap “Stars”. Next, tap the plus boxes to choose the feeder heroes you will use to Star Up your main hero. […]

LightSlinger Heroes Tier List

We are actively seeking help in creating and maintaining a Tier List for LightSlinger Heroes. If you are interested in helping us out, reach out to me at josh[at], or join the LightSlinger Heroes Discord Server.  

Submit A Guide

If you have a guide you want to share with the community, consider submitting it to us! I accept Guides in all formats, easiest being Google Docs and Imgur links. You can email me at josh[at] and I’ll be sure to credit you. Note: As of April 17th, […]

Global Launch Promo Code Expires Tonight!

The Global Launch Promo Code (LAUNCH-2018-CV7K) expires tonight, May 1st 2018 at 23:59 PST. If you haven’t already, please go and “like” this post on the official LightSlinger Heroes Facebook page so we can get another promo code shared with us!

Welcome to LightSlinger Heroes Guide!

Welcome to, the home for all things related to the LightSlinger: Heroes free mobile game by Skyborne Games. We’re your best source of guides, news, community, and more for the LightSlinger: Heroes mobile game. While we’re still in early development here, we hope you’ll consider adding us to your […]